Bloodstone, agate and onyx necklace



This necklace is perfect if you want a chunky look but prefer a smaller scale.  The agate stones have the irregular chunky look more common in very large stones.  The red shades in the bloodstone are very warm.  It is a bit shorter than many of the necklaces here.

The bloodstone legend holds  that when Christ was crucified,  blood from dripped onto the dark green earth and turned it to stone. The legend gave Bloodstone its name and inspired the belief that the stone has exceptional wound healing powers.

In this necklace I played with finish, shape and color.  The agate varies in shape, size and color.  Its shine is contrasts with the matte bloodstone with its subtle red tones and the black onyx highlights the color of the bloodstone.  The abstract sterling toggle clasp brings it all together.  The clasp was made in Israel.

The necklace is almost 17.5 inches long.


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